As a modern law firm we make use of newest IT in our organization and in legal solutions. In so doing, we have established a lean cost structure. We are proud of passing on these savings to our clients via lower rates.

Here is a sample of our services. All offers are tailored to businesses and self-employed. All prices are net plus 19% applicable VAT.

0 €

Get to know us

Get to know us via video call, phone call or in person. We introduce you to our mode of operation, outline common goals and estimate our workload for your tasks.

260 €

Bespoke Legal Advice

We provide tailored advice at a partner rate of 260€ net per hour. We gladly provide an estimate of workload upfront and can cap our working hours if appropriate. At all times you keep full cost control.

549 €

Found a GmbH or UG

At a fixed rate we draft the following contracts and documents that you need in order to establish a German limited liability company:
  • Articles of association
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Managing director service contracts
  • Formation deed*
* Notary & commercial register charge extra fees

999 €

Employee participation (ESOP)

Tailored to the needs of your company we design a complete employee participation program for employees, freelancers and advisers in the form of real or virtual shares (VSOP) or options (ESOP). We walk you through the whole process and draft all required documents:
  • Participation program terms
  • Amendment of AoA
  • Notarial deed drafts
  • Forms for program subscription